One of the fastest ways to hurt your brain is to get less than seven or eight hours of sleep at night. – Daniel G. Amen   We live in a world where concussions are being taken very seriously. Youth sports coaches are being highly trained to recognize concussions and […]

Impact of Sleep Deprivation on your Brain

Stress use and control
Stress should be a powerful driving force, not an obstacle. – Bill Phillips   How many of you have ever heard the statement, “you need to remain calm in a demanding situation?” Have you ever been able to truly achieve a level of calmness in a stressful demanding situation? Me […]

STRESS: Use and Control; Don’t be Abused and Debilitated

rtshp snake
Do everything you can to preserve and protect love so that it endures forever. – Jennifer Smith   Venom from a snake bite can kill humans but what about a bite from a relationship snake? Can your relationship be killed? Will you suffer some pain if bitten from a relationship […]


To walk around with an ego is a bad thing. To have confidence in yourself is a great thing – Fred Durst   Confidence is not something you either have or you don’t, it is generated. Let me repeat that. Confidence is not something you either have or you don’t, […]

How to Generate Confidence in an Instant

Brake and Accelerator cc by 2.0
When you are driving down a busy intersection with lots of cars and people around you, do you speed up? Or do you slow down? Hopefully, you slow down. By slowing down you tend to feel more in control of the vehicle; thereby eliminating the chance of causing a horrendous […]

How to Calm Your Mind and Body

Camera Eye
Ever watched a scary movie? If so, can you remember some of those scary scenes that just freaked you out or made you jump? How did the producer of that movie get you to do that! Well, the producers utilize certain camera angles that direct your focus upon what the […]

Power of Focus and How it Directs Your Life

Clinical Depression
Depression silently enters the room unannounced and uses its sticky fingers to tighten its grip upon its victim. The victim, unaware of depression’s presence, begins to feel sad and starts to withdraw or isolate from others just falling right into depression’s hands and the grip is tightened.   Once feeling […]

Want to Beat Depression? Then you must read this!!

CC BY-ND 2.0 by Paul David on Flikr https://www.flickr.com/photos/cutenadevil/
Sitting in your room, feeling so alone, struggling to breathe, wondering if you should even keep on breathing, as it feels like you are drowning.  Your life seems as though it has been shattered and you are now standing between darkness and its blackest corner. This is not the path […]

What You Must Know About Hitting Rock Bottom

rhino with armor (cropped)
Every day and every challenge you face, you are under assault by the constant barrage of Darkness’ black rain of abuse sniping away at your psyche. It is that little voice in your head that guilt trips you, leaves you feeling confused, lost, questions your very existence, gets you to […]

What You Need When You Face Darkness

psychological strength blog
Gaining physical core strength is absolutely essential because your physical core is the vital foundation of all of your body’s movements. Whether you are walking, running, carrying something, or whatever, all of these movements are a direct result of your core strength.   It is virtually the same thing when […]

How To Strengthen Your Psychological Core